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Welcome to the Lynk website.

You may be an established writer venturing into a new genre, or an emerging writer who has written a manuscript that you believe has genuine potential.

Either way, you’re probably wondering:

  • How good is my manuscript really?

  • What’s working and what needs further refinement in the text?

  • Is there a market for it?

  • How do I get it published?

  • Do I need an agent?

  • If so, how do I get one?


We can help. Lynk Manuscript Assessment Service uses only top professional editors and writers as our assessors. We have several dozen specialists to call upon, who collectively cover all forms of writing.
Specifically, we provide assessments for:

all genres of fiction, and in all forms – e.g. novels, novellas, short-story collections, etc.
• all fields of non-fiction 
• plays 
• screenplays
• poetry 
• all forms of writing for young adults, and for children of all ages.


If your manuscript is ready for publication, we won’t hesitate to tell you. We’ll also write you a Lynk Letter of Recommendation and provide introductions to the right people. If your project still requires work, your assessment will outline, in detail, exactly what needs to be done to render it submittable to agents and publishers.

We will also assist with your crucial Publishing Proposal (comprising the synopsis, marketing outline and author bio), so you approach the industry with optimal professionalism.

The Australian book-publishing industry is relatively small in global terms, but we punch above our weight. Our standards are high and the competition to be published is vigorous, so it’s vital that your first approach to the industry is your very best approach.

We are committed to the pursuit of the excellence that leads to publication. If you want expert feedback on your work but are unsure if an assessment is the best step to take, email us. We’ll send you a sample assessment report in your genre, to give you a clear idea of what you can expect from the exercise.
Lynk has helped countless new writers realise their dreams. Will you be next?

Sean Doyle, the director of Lynk, is an author and a book editor with over 20 years’ experience in the publishing industry.