Liat Kirby's

Curving my Eyes to Almonds


Liat Kirby
Revelling in the rhythms of history and the life of the body - these
wonderfully sensuous poems sing with the music of stone, flower, skin and moon.

Deb Westbury.




The window opens onto blackness.
The stars hang thick from the sky.
The night is gemmed with silver,
and my eyes are wide.

Eyelashes flutter the skins like petals.
Settle with grand solemnity.
I am contained within the windowframe.
My soul is pale and my heart is slow.

Stripped bare, my skin glints
silver veins, streaks of sadness.
My mind is silenced
and my soul drifts unattached.

Something is lost, the glint in my eyes
swallowed by the stars.


Kirby's poems journey us through an ancient landscape of spaces and stones, milk and honey, demon and G-d. Quietly navigating a rare dialogue between words and silence, this poetryshows us that all things are connected - the huge desert, a single hibiscus. They quicken in the belly, quite physically, as one reads.
Jordie Albiston
Poems that explore the contours of memory and longing, the twilight valleys that haunt our dreams, and the hidden prompting of a destiny shadowing us whether we know it or not. Kirby writes with tenderness, and a sharp ear for the restless dialogue of the soul.
Alex Skorvron