The following publications have progressed through our assessment and/or editing
services. This list is incomplete; we do our best, but it is difficult to keep track of all our
authors and their work. If you have used our services and should be on the list, please
let us know.

We congratulate all authors.


 Deborah O'Brien, Mr Chen’s Emporium, The Jade Widow, A Place of Her
Own and The Trivia Man
 – all published by Random House, available in all
 Andrew Mackie, The Tour, Penguin, 2020
 Holden Sheppard, Invisible Boys, published by Fremantle Press, 2020. Award-
winning YA novel.
 Jaci Byrne, The Music Maker, published by Big Sky; and in the UK by Pen &
 Karyn Sepuveda, Letters To My Yesterday sold to Random House Germany,
published there in 2020
 Michael Pert, The Kissing House, Sid Harta Publishers.
 Nansi Kunze, Mishaps, Random House. A novel for young adults, available in
both print and e-book formats.
 Chris Heffernan, Deliria, Odyssey Books. A wonderfully funny, clever and tender
novel about young love, misadventure, and the whole damned thing.
 Poppy Inkwell, The ‘Alana Oakley’ series: Mystery and Mayhem, Torment and
Trickery, and Bloodlust and Blunders
, Big Sky Publishing. Madcap fun for young
 Will Schaefer, The Jet Wolf, Hybrid Publishers. On the strength of this novel, Will
secured a four-book deal with Hybrid.
 Eugene Shafir, Harvey Shmidlap Seeks the Perfect Cheesecake, Possible Press. A
refreshingly inventive novel about (often food-related) obsessions that defies
 Clayton Zane, Shooting Stars, Odyssey Books.
 Jonathan K. Benton, A Wicked Kind of Dark, Odyssey Books. A young-adult
fantasy that applies visceral urban grit to apocalyptic Tolkienesque escapism.
 Kim Lock, Peace, Love and Khaki Socks, MidnightSun Publishing. Available in both
print and e-book formats.
 Kate Murdoch, Stone Circle, Fireship Press
 Pauline James, Disturbing the Dust, JoJo Publishing.
 Karyn Sepulveda, Letters to My Yesterday, Ventura Press (Simon & Schuster)
 Richard Yaxley, A Movement of Wings, Murray Books
 Paula Fogarty, The Slave of the Lamp, DoctorZed Publishing. An adventure fantasy
for children. Available in both print and e-book formats.

 Judith Thomas, House of Cobwebs, Really Blue Books. A wonderfully dark and
disturbing crossover crime/horror novel. Available in e-book format.
 Luke Romyn is the author of numerous bestselling horror novels available in
both print and e-book formats. For more details, visit



 Mary Garden, Sundowner of the Skies, New Holland, 2020. Shortlisted for the NSW
Premier’s Awards.
 Jaci Byrne, The Music Maker, Big Sky Publishing. A gripping and inspiring POW
story – and much more than that. US and UK rights also sold.
 Jack Peel, Tarra, Big Sky, 2020.
 Damien Linnane, Scarred, Tenth Street Press, 2020.
 Annette Stephens, The Good Little Girl, Big Sky Publishing. A rivetting
autobiography of a life spent dealing with betrayal and deception, before finally
finding peace.
 Kevin Palmer, From Boys’ Home to Broadway, Magabala Books, 2010.
 Susanne Grace, 3-Day Mini Detox, Rockpool Publishing. A comprehensive guide
to cleaner, healthier living. Available in both print and e-book formats.
 Dr Damien Brown, Band Aid for a Broken Leg: Being a Doctor Without Borders, and
Other Ways to Stay Single, Allen & Unwin. A memoir of Damien’s volunteer work
overseas with Medecins Sans Frontieres. 
 Julie Braithwaite, Switching Suits: The Year I Became a Poker Shark, HarperCollins.A
poker memoir.
 Louise Ashby, Unsingle, Finch Publishing. Outlines a unique approach to finding
love. Available in both print and e-book formats.
 Carolyn Shine, Single White Female in Hanoi, Transit Lounge. A travel memoir. All
proceeds of book sales go to the Cambodian Children’s Trust. 
 Mary Groves, An Outback Life, Allen & Unwin. An autobiography about a rough-
and-ready life in the Northern Territory. 
 Jessica Rosman, Kindy Kitchen, ABC Books. An ingenious concept that encourages
healthy eating in kids.
 Vanessa Alford, Fit Not Healthy, Finch Publishing
 Doug Hendrie, Amalga-Nations, Hardie Grant
 Lindsay O’Brien, Bandit Mentality, Helion & Company, UK
 Bob Marmion, Murder at the Fort, Big Sky Publishing
 Dave Morgan, My Vietnam War, Big Sky Publishing
 Liza Jankowski, Changed, Big Sky Publishing. A moving memoir about dealing
with stillbirth.
 Carmel Iaria, Life in the Ancient World, History Teachers’ Association of Victoria.
 Andy Millar, Lost at Sea – Found at Fukushima, a powerful story of action and
imprisonment during World War II, Big Sky Publishing.
 Dr Ranjana Srivastava, Tell Me the Truth: Conversations with my Patients about Life and
, Penguin Random House. Short-listed for the NSW Premier’s Literary

 Danny Crossman, The Animal Code: Giving Animals Respect and Rights, Australian
Scholarly Publishing.
 Dalia Millingen, The Changing Form of Clouds: A Memoir of Life, Love and Longing,
Hybrid Publishers.
 Waratah Rosemarie Gillespie, Running with Rebels: Behind the lies in Bougainville’s
hidden war,
 Ginibi Productions.


The following Lynk authors have chosen to self-publish their work:

 Niki Tulk, Shadows & Wings, Small House Press. A literary novel of great beauty
and power, it deals with events in Nazi Germany and their repercussions. Short-
listed for the 2010 CAL/Scribe Fiction Prize, and available
at Read a review
of the novel here.
 Brendan Murray, Jail Road Shadows, Vivid Press, 2020. A CBC ‘Highly
recommended’ book.
 Helen Heritage, Borrowed Landscape, CreateSpace. A touching and elegant novel
about cultural and personal isolation in 1950s Australia.
 Max Halley, The Giftie, an impressive philosophical novel about a man at a mid-life
crossroads. Available via Amazon and Smashwords.
 David Ashbridge & Tom Clark, The Seventh Boat, an action-packed thriller about
anti-whaling crusaders on the high seas, is available from Amazon as an e-book.
 James Pratt, Telekom, a thriller about the return of some villainous, techno-savvy
Nazis, is available from Vivid Publishing.
 Walter Munro, Intervention, a gripping science-fiction techno-thriller with an
ecological twist, is available as an e-book. You can find it on Amazon or
 Wendy Bunning, Love after Death – a fascinating account of communicating with
deceased loved ones, available from Amazon in print and e-book formats.
 Ramy Tadros, Understanding a Wager,
 Paul Ritchie, Stay on Message and Faith, Love and Australia, Vivid Publishing
 TL Swan, The ‘Stanton’ series: Adore, Unconditional, Completely, Amazon Digital
Services. Erotica for women.
 Peter Wigg, The View from Ibadan, Asset Books
 Ben Nowland, Playing God, Vivid Publishing
 Dr Penny Farrant, Pen Pen’s Journey, Vivid Publishing
 Bruce Llewellyn, Contraworm, Amazon Australia Services
 Scott MacDonald, Saving Investa, Next Century Publishing
 Yildiz Sethi, Stardust on the Spiritual Path, Be Rich and Spiritual, Rapid Core
Healing and Stardust: the Traveller’s Way,
 Amazon Digital Services
 Matilda Faltyn, Ego Alchemy, Infodesign Copywriting

 Robert Cole, The Ego Cluster, Amazon Books
 Karyn Sepulveda, Choosing Xaverique, Vivid Publishing
 Colin Windeyer, Call the Intention Good, Amazon Books
 Richelle da Costa, Three Summers in Portugal, Islington
 Polly Whittaker, Polly: Sex Culture Revolutionary, Moral Minority
 Michael Kean, The Emergent Method, Lulu
 Trevelyan, The Sheffield Conspiracy (The Monica Jones Mysteries Book 1), Amazon
Digital Services
 Ali Gray, Plato's Academy and the Eternal Key. The first volume in a series of
children’s book that cleverly combines adventure and philosophy – available
from Amazon in print and Kindle formats.
 Mark O’Neill, From Ascot to Tobruk and Back, Amazon
 Mark Lingane, Beyond Belief, Insync Holdings
 Marilyn Campbell, Chester the Unlikely Sheepdog, Spindrift Publishing. To read a
CBCA review of this picture book in bush verse, please click here.
 Sandy Paull, Blade of Honour.

We look forward to helping you undertake a similarly successful journey to publication.