Assessments of

completed manuscripts



Lynk is primarily a manuscript assessment service. This means we assess completed manuscripts, providing authors with a clear indication of their manuscript’s strengths and weakness, and offering a way forward to help authors produce their best possible work.

Lynk is now proud to offer a new and innovative service: an ‘early intervention program’ for authors.



Lynk also offers a full suite of complementary publishing services, including:

  • copy editing

  • mentoring

  • consulting, and

  • assistance with self-publishing

Long copy edit jobs are available on a quote basis.

All of these services are available at a flat rate of $50 per hour.

If you are writing a manuscript, you want to feel confident that it is working on all levels. But how can you be sure?

Sean Doyle, the director of Lynk, is a book editor and a manuscript assessor. As an editor, he has helped to create and develop the content and structure of many books. As a manuscript assessor, he has noticed a frequently recurring scenario in many manuscripts: a small but misguided decision made by the author relatively early in the writing process often has massive implications for how the manuscript develops overall and how good, or bad, it ultimately is. In many cases, this could so easily have been prevented – simply by getting some good advice early in the process. All that wasted time and effort …

Getting sound, professional advice early on can greatly benefit a manuscript in terms of structure, pacing, plot devices, characterisation and character development, narrative voice and tone, point of view, and the potential market. Your time and effort will no longer be wasted, but instead focused. There is no existing procedure for an emerging writer to get help in the early stages of writing, except via a mentor. Writers’ centres do offer a limited number of mentorships, but these are always competitive and can be expensive. Some authors will miss out.
So if you have concerns about how to handle the development of your manuscript, or how to make it as reader-friendly and as marketable as possible, you might like to consider an early intervention.
Together we will get your manuscript heading in the right direction!