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We are very proud to announce that the following authors have recently progressed through Lynk’s assessment process and have either already been published or have secured a publishing contract. Hearty congratulations to all!

  • Jonathan Benton, Blood Moon – a young-adult fantasy that applies plenty of urban grit to apocalyptic Tolkienesque escapism – is to be published in both print and e-book format by Odyssey Books in mid-2013.

  • Susanne Grace, 3-Day Mini Detox – a comprehensive guide to cleaner, healthier living – is to be published in both print and e-book formats by Rockpool Publishing early in 2013.

  • Dr Damien Brown, Band Aid for a Broken Leg: Being a Doctor Without Borders, and Other Ways to Stay Single – a memoir of Damien’s volunteer work overseas with Medecins Sans Frontieres – has been published by Allen & Unwin. Here is a link to the book:
  • Annette Stephens, The Good Little Girl – a rivetting autobiography of a life spent dealing with betrayal and deception, before finally finding peace – is published by Big Sky Publishing in October 2012.
  • Judith Thomas, House of Cobwebs – a wonderfully dark and disturbing cross-over crime/horror novel – is published as an e-book by Really Blue Books in October 2012.
  • Liza Jankowski, Changed – a memoir about dealing with stillbirth – will be published by Big Sky Publishing in May 2013.
  • Paula Fogarty, The Slave of the Lamp – an adventure fantasy for children – will be published by DoctorZed Publishing. The e-book is due out c. April 2013, the print edition later in the year.

The following Lynk authors have chosen to self-publish their work:

These delighted authors follow hot on the heels of the previous round of published Lynk authors:

  • Will Schaefer, The Jet Wolf, Hybrid Publishers. On the strength of this novel, Will secured a four-book deal with Hybrid.
  • Dr Ranjana Srivastava, Tell Me the Truth: Conversations with my Patients about Life and Death, Penguin Australia. Ranjana’s book was short-listed for the NSW Premier’s Literary Awards.
  • Deborah O'Brien, Mister Chen’s Emporium, Random House Australia. On the strength of this novel, Deb secured a two-book deal with Random.
  • Andy Millar, Lost at Sea – Found at Fukushima, a powerful true story of action and imprisonment during World War II, Big Sky Publishing.
  • Danny Crossman, The Animal Code: Giving Animals Respect and Rights, Australian Scholarly Publishing.
  • Eugene Shafir, Harvey Shmidlap Seeks the Perfect Cheesecake, Possible Press.
  • Clayton Zane, Shooting Stars, Odyssey Books.
  • Dalia Millingen, The Changing Form of Clouds: A Memoir of Life, Love and Longing, Hybrid Publishers.

The following Lynk authors self-published their work:

  • Helen Heritage, Borrowed Landscape, CreateSpace.
  • Ramy Tadros, Understanding a Wager,

Adding to the celebrations, two of our manuscript assessors recently joined the ranks of published fiction authors:

We’re all very happy for you, Lisa and Jessie!

Welcome to the Lynk website.

You may be an established writer who is venturing into a new field of writing.

Or you may be an emerging writer who has created a manuscript that your mum thinks
is a work of genius, and that your neighbour swears will win you the Booker Prize.

Either way, your head is probably full of questions like:

• How good is my manuscript really?
• How much more work does it need?
• Is there a market for it?
• How do I get it published?
• Do I need an agent?
• How do I get one?

If these are the kinds of questions that have been preoccupying you, we can help.
Lynk Manuscript Assessment Service uses only top professional editors and writers as assessors.
We have around 70 specialists to call upon, who collectively cover all forms of writing.

Specifically, we provide assessments for:

• all genres of fiction, and in all forms – eg. novels, novellas, short-story collections, etc.
• all fields of non fiction
• plays
• screenplays
• poetry
• all forms of writing for young adults, and
• all forms of writing for children.
If your manuscript is ready for publication, we won’t hesitate to tell you. We’ll also write you a letter of recommendation and provide introductions to the right people. If your project still requires work, your Lynk assessment will outline, in detail, exactly what needs to be done to make it suitable to an agent or publisher, and how to make the best approach to them. Many authors like to submit the same work a number of times in the pursuit of the excellence that leads to publication.

Lynk has helped dozens of new writers realise their dreams. Will you be next?
Sean Doyle, the director of Lynk, is a published author and a book editor with over 13 years' experience in the publishing industry.

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